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Words have meanings ... no, really, they do ... and nutrition info doesn't make it food, necessarily - Collection of Mental Lint and other Minutia
June 30th, 2013
06:18 pm


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Words have meanings ... no, really, they do ... and nutrition info doesn't make it food, necessarily
I love my local coupon blogger, really, I do. She does the dirty work finding the good deals easier for us all, and she's running the show where we all communicate the good deals we're finding that weren't in the sale ad. She's a rock star. But ...

It's Sunday, and all the drug stores and one local grocer does their ads Sunday thru Saturday, so I always check her blog on Sunday for the new deals.

In the blurb you see, before clicking the link to the full post, there, for one local drug store, is a list of freebies. "bacon (free)"

I click the link, and read down the full post looking for the free bacon. As I'm scrolling, I think "how much you wanna bet it's ..." and there it is. Turkey bacon. That's not BACON.

She does this to me all the time. Usually it's "free butter" when she really should say "free margarine" or "free buttery spread" or "free butter-esque substance for those of you who like eating plastic" or "free oil based goo some people think is food and put on toast."

Don't get me wrong, when I was a kid I liked squeezing Parkay on my corn on the cob. It was fun. Tasted awful, and eventually I decided I preferred my food to taste good, but I enjoyed it, on some level, for a while. But I never called it butter, ever, because it's NOT BUTTER. (And because the commercials told me so, I never called it margarine either, it was Parkay. :D)

I mean, if she said "free burgers" and when you went to the full post it was free Boca burgers, everyone and their mother would complain that she SHOULD have said free veggie burgers. And if you're good, the veggie burgers are occasionally free. I've gotten them for free. I've gotten just about everything for free at some point, and it's cool.

I'm torn between my feelings of gratitude (she saves me hours every week hunting down deals) and my desire to ask her to use words correctly.

I'm not asking her to stop calling things that aren't in my opinion food food. I know people eat Poptarts, I don't understand it, but I'm not about to force my views on others because I don't much care for it when they try to force their opinions on me.

My first inclination was to call her out on it in a comment to her blog. Pretty sure that's the wrong way to go. I mean, if I'm going to come off as a self righteous ass, I should do it in an email, not publicly. Now the trick is not coming off as a self righteous ass.

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